They solve energy issues in ventilation – get millions in rights issue

Startup Company Enjay’s patented product Lepido recycles energy from the exhaust ventilation from, among other things, restaurants, a so far impossible nut to crack. Now 3.1 million SEK is being invested from Orbital Systems investor Peter Enberg and the Swedish Energy Agency.

Malmo-based Enjay takes advantage of the natural forces to recycle energy with a product that can save real estate owners hundreds of thousands of kronor per year. The product Lepido combines two new patented Swedish inventions: a unique air heat pump and a function that enables the product to survive the grease, soot and moisture in the air.

Enjay secured an addition of 3.1 million kronor to commercialize the product – two million in support of the Swedish Energy Agency, and 1.1 million from the business angel Peter Enberg, who previously invested in Orbital Systems and Green Furniture.

“Lepido saves an average restaurant owner 150,000 kWh in energy and 15 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. We have made a successful pilot case at Burger King in Malmö, and with the capital injection we can now complete product development and launch in 2018”, says Jesper Wirén, business developer at Enjay.
Jesper Wirén himself has many years of experience in the ventilation industry.
Together with Nils Lekeberg, former marketing manager at Ford Sweden, he runs Enjay.

The company has already been contacted by some of the industry’s leading players, and the goal is to launch the product internationally through strategic partnerships abroad.

They met investor Peter Enberg at Maxa Malmö, which is Tillväxt Malmö’s speed dating for entrepreneurs and investors. Jan-Erik Bengtsson, Tillväxt Malmö’s business manager, foresee success for the company:

“The foundation for a successful business is to really solve a problem. Enjay does just that. In addition, hard work and a good network are required. It also feels like Enjay has found the right investor. With Enjay’s drive and experience, all portents indicate that it will go really well, because there is a lot of money to be saved”, he says.
Tom Lövstad, partner at Management Partners and mentor for Enjay at the nonprofit organization Connect Sweden that matches startups with business, has a similar belief: “One in ten startup companies will be successful. I think Enjay is that company.”



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