Lepido, reclaim the energy

Never before has it been possible to extract energy from compromised air and reuse it as clean energy for heating. Until now – Enjay makes it possible.


Lepido is the first energy recovery unit in the world designed specifically to survive the hostile environment in restaurant ventilation. The battery handles the grease and the soot effortlessly. Lepido is equipped with an automated self cleaning system.

Use your existing sources of heat.

Buildings with restaurants push the exhaust outside, in turn wasting the warm air. By installing a Lepido into the restaurant exhaust system, the warm energy is put back into the building’s existing heating system, reducing the need of conventional heating sources.




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Energy is collected by the heat pump, via the evaporator in the exhaust air duct.
The heat pump is perfectly optimized to fit the specifications of the heating system in each building – thus always delivering a very high COP. 
From the heat pump, the energy is then distributed into the heating system of the building.
Condensed water continuously runs down the pipes and collects at the bottom of the tray, where grease and water are separated.
The water is heated with residual energy from the heat pump.
Every night, the warm water is distributed over the pipes, emulsifying the grease, keeping Lepido clean.

Power on. Hands off.

No need for kitchen staff to do cleaning and maintenance. Lepido is fully automated and self cleaning. The cleaning system uses only water – no chemicals or other additives.