We make it possible

At Enjay we handle the energy and we take pride in listening to the problems in our industry and developing world class solutions. Lepido is a beautiful example of our expertise. We’ve seen with our own eyes, the way energy has been wasted. A problem that’s been going on for ages now and we've solved it. Our mission is to take on the challenge of innovation where others have stumbled and found it too difficult. Just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it's impossible. At Enjay, we make it possible.


Enjay was founded in 2011, by Nils Lekeberg and Jesper Wiren. With over 25 years in the restaurant ventilation industry we know a thing or two about the energy loss that takes place in hot and busy kitchens. We've taken our knowledge and curiosity and added a bit of science to do what we love: developing products that enhance the world around us.