Energy recovery in restaurant ventilation

What if it was possible to take the energy from polluted air in restaurant ventilation units and convert it into useable energy to heat the actual property?

Put your energy to work

Time and time again, traditional energy recovery units have failed, due to the damage caused by soot, grease and humidity in the restaurant exhaust air. Potential savings of hundreds of thousands of kWhs have gone to waste. Those days are over...

Meet Lepido, your new ventilation solution


Lepido is based on three revolutionary Swedish patents, produced by Enjay. Lepido is the first energy recycler that efficiently extracts energy from the heat and fat-laden exhaust in restaurants and distributes it through the heating system of the building.

Lepido is both compact and efficient with a minimal pressure drop, making it easy to retrofit.

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How Lepido solved Burger King´s energy loss.